Sunday, June 30, 2019

Getting the Oracle APEX certificate , Tips

I recently took the certification exam to become an Oracle certified developer in APEX. I have to say it was a little complex, when I finished I thought I was not going to pass the test but I did.

I want to write some tips, and the way that I followed to get this Oracle APEX Certificate.
I hope this information will be useful for you, and don't worry I will write it also in Spanish :P

You must have an Oracle Account and register on

Tip 1:

Watch, understand and try to replicate the examples of office hours videos.

I will recommend these topics:

APEX 18.1 New Features

Application Features

Data Visualization with Oracle APEX

Interactive Grids

Dynamic Actions

Universal Theme / Mobile Applications

Web Source Modules / REST Enabled SQL

Exposing RESTful Services using APEX and ORDS

Tip 2:

Read the official documentation about APEX 18


Tip 3:

Install Applications from the gallery,  try to reproduce or just try to understand things that you don’t know.

Tip 4 - Small tips:

  • Review Universal Theme and all components.
  • Review the components with data source and its type of data source.
  • Review all the things that you can do on shared components.
  • Personally, I didn't see any question about JavaScript.
  • Create your own application and try to force errors, determinate the error and solve it.
  • Understand the basic concepts, for example what is the structure of an URL, what is schema authorization, authentication.

Tip 4 The most important: 

On the exam web you can find all the topics that you need to study.



  1. Cuales fueron los pasos que hiciste para tomar el examen?


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